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Here you will find the wanderings, adventures, advice, and ramblings of Ace, informative and entertaining articles on Hunting, Fishing, and the Outdoors and Business, Sales, and Marketing Advice from an expert that has “Been in the Trenches” and not only lived to tell about it, but thrived and excelled.


The Goal of this site is multi-fold…


We know that you will be entertained, find numerous pieces of useful advice, actionable items to assist in your business, sales, and/or personal performance, along with entertaining and informative articles along the way. Most importantly, we look for feedback, questions and input from you, the viewer.

Information, Products, Reviews and Advice

Ace brings a unique (and, yes, sometimes biased) perspective to the Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, and Outdoor world. Sometimes serious, often fun, and always opinionated, you can always count on Ace to "shoot straight"- giving honest reviews, no B.S. opinions, and advice based on decades of experience in the outdoors and the business world. 

Business Consulting and Partnerships

As a top-performing sales and marketing executive for over 20 years in multiple professional industries, Ace can help you and your business reach the highest levels, break through plateaus, and deliver results quickly and exponentially. 

Networking, PR, and Content Creation

Because of his extensive network of "movers-and-shakers, high level executives, and people that can get done what needs to be done, Ace is known in and out of the outdoor world as "That Guy." 

You know- 

When people talk about "that guy" that knows the right person...or "that guy" we talked with at the last three shows... or even "that guy" that we need to be connected to- they are often referring to Ace! 

This wide, broad and deep network allows Ace to move around in the industry based on CLIENT NEEDS, rather than only a single skill set. 

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