DOMINATE Your Space- REGARDLESS of What You Do and Have Done (Yes, REALLY, and No, it's not SEO) 

Have you ever looked at your business and marketing and thought, "What if...?"

What if... your independent retail shop was the DOMINANT player in your market for exactly what you do?

What if... your outfitting company was the PREMIER choice for everybody looking for what you do?

What if... YOUR product, gadget, widget, or idea was the IMMEDIATE, dominant player in its marketplace?

What if... your competitors that had more time, more money, bigger budgets, bigger stores, more equipment, and were the dominant player in the market were suddenly dazed and confused as to the meteoric rise of your success?

What if... it didn't matter if you had a big, beautiful website or a small, three pager. It didn't matter if you were in business for 10 years, 20 years, or ONE year. There was no difference in efficacy if you have $10K, $100K, or $1M in revenue ...


What if you could compete up against the BIGGEST PLAYER in your market and completely DOMINATE them?


Now… What if it was all GUARANTEED ?


Every so often, a great marketing tool comes becomes available.

Taking advantage of that opportunity quickly is how you become successful.

Ace and BGA offer a marketing program that allows you to be suggested to every potential customer searching for your product or service.  If you want to take advantage of new technology that can give you a complete advantage over all of your competitors, we now have that technology.
The Front Page program allows only one company per keyword phrase. So if you are that Whitetail Deer Outfitter in Kansas, you may find that one of the keyword phrases used most often is “Kansas Whitetail Outfitters” or "Kansas Deer Hunting".

What if you have a charter boat operation? A hunting lodge? 

Same rules apply. 

You want to act fast to own this keyword phrase and others like it, because once a business owns this keyword phrase, it’s unavailable to everyone else until they decide they are no longer going to keep it (a rare choice). 


Dominate online, and put your company in front of every person searching with those main keyword phrases.  


If you're SERIOUS about being "that guy" and are tired of the nonsense, games, and "shots in the dark" with everyone else's plans and ideas, contact Ace and BGA TODAY to get your "UNFAIR SHARE."



What is a national keyword phrase
A national keyword phrase is a keyword phrase without a geographic designation.  For instance, a local keyword phrase would be "Phoenix divorce attorney" whereas a national keyword would be "mesothelioma attorney". 


Monthly searches for national terms
Obviously, a national keyword term gets a huge number of monthly searches, but some national keywords may get 1,000 searches per month, and another national keyword term may get 40,000 searches per month.


National pricing factors
Pricing for national keyword is very affordable and can get you in front of every person searching for a firm in your practice area.  Pricing is based on the number of searches per month and the competitiveness of the keyword phrase.  


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