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Ace conducts himself professionally at all times and has built respectful relationships with all of our managers and associates. He has a passion for the outdoors which is evident to our customers and they truly benefit from his experiences and expertise. He is dedicated to customer service and takes a personal responsibility in helping build our customer base”
— Dale Rimkus, Operations Manager, Bass Pro Shops


“Ace worked with me at Remington Outdoor Foundation helping to sell in our incentive delivery program. Ace knows the industry and is highly respected “expert” in the field. Combine these attributes with his innate ability to sell and we had a winning combination. As I start up my new venture,, I’ll turn to Ace for sales and revenue generation. A knowledgeable, personable and highly respected sales person is hard to find – Ace is the one.”
Jim Moore- CEO- Outdoor Roadmap


“Any rich man can donate his money, but a real good deed is when they donate time. Most recommendations come with many years working together. This one is a little different. Ace went out of his way to help me in the outdoors industry. His professionalism and expertise will always be appreciated. A nice gesture is means a lot from a friend. But when a good deed comes from someone who barely knows you -it speaks volumes.”
Kristen Munroe- Writer, Outdoor News


Ace is one of those rare individuals whose integrity and work ethic are as solid as his convictions — and those convictions make rocks envious. Mr. Luciano is a man of high principle who will not sell out. He will go the extra mile — and then some. And he has gone those extra miles. The man has a wealth of experience and understands marketing, human nature and how to draw the most from many resources.”
Ron Spomer-Senior Editor, Sporting Classics magazine, Television Host, and Outdoor Writer


“Ace is an amazing salesman. It was a pleasure to watch as he entered into a contract negotiation and maneuvered around potential hazards to successfully resolve concerns while protecting the interests of the company and the needs of the customer. Ace is a true business relationship builder.  Ace also demonstrated a deep understanding of the outdoor industry as well as strong industry connections. Ace’s quick thinking, strong verbal skills and relentless dedication will make him an asset to any organization regardless of title.
David Dolbee-Editor- The Shooter’s Log, Gear Former Editor- Outdoor Roadmap, Former Editor, Peterson’s Bowhunting


“There is a phrase to describe Ace… That Guy” . You know him. The guy that knows people. The guy that you see everywhere. The guy with the right connections to help people work together… The guy that takes ideas, products, people, and companies, throws them in a mix together, and makes tons of money for everyone involved. Ace has a passion for the outdoors that is second to none. His exceptional sales and marketing skills are demonstrated by his list of successful customers and walls covered with awards. As a seminar speaker, Ace entertains while he informs with a high degree of audience participation. His versatility is demonstrated by his ability to relate well with whomever he is speaking to- whether a group of first-time woman archers, a pack of kids on their first bird hunt, a room full of hunters looking to take the trip of a lifetime, retail store employees being trained on one of his products, or the CEO of a major sporting retailer, Ace immediately conveys feelings of likability and trust. If you are looking for someone that has been doing the same thing for the same company in the same area in the same way for a bunch of years, look elsewhere. If you want a top-performing sales superstar, a renegade marketer that gets superior results for his clients, or a dynamic, entertaining personality to speak at your event, You need more than an average. You need an Ace!”
Mike Gnatkowski-Freelance Writer, Photographer and Seminar Speaker, charter boat captain


“As someone that has worked in several executive capacities both in and out of the outdoor industry, I have had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of different people…and a lot of them know Ace! Ace is a real mover and shaker in the industry- someone who knows how to put the right people together and leverage the relationship for tremendously better results. Ace’s passion for the industry and introducing youth to the outdoors is evident in everything he does, and he does it exceptionally well. Whether advising a company on better results from trade shows, presenting to a corporate board of directors, or demonstrating the benefits of a product to a consumer, he delivers results time and again. He is a natural leader that is inspirational to everyone around him. I give my highest recommendation of Ace to any company that wants to increase their performance.”
Trip Foster-Acting Chief Operating Officer, Outdoor Roadmap


“Ace has a gift- a true gift- for marketing and selling products he believes in. He reminds me a lot of the late, great Chuck Taylor-Most famous for building the Converse All-Star Shoe brand. I always wanted a Chuck Taylor since I know how difficult it is to get a brand known and sold to the consumer, especially without a lot of advertising, and especially for a company like Rivers West. Ace is my “Chuck Taylor.”
Mike McGinley- President and CEO- Rivers West Apparel.


“My name is Dan Gritzner and I am the Mossy Oak Regional Pro staff Manager for whitetails in IA, MN, and WI. I currently have 50 Pro staffers who work trade and retail events in the Midwest.
Ace has been a Mossy Oak Pro Staff member for years now and I feel he does an excellent job of promoting the Mossy Oak brand. Ace is unique to this level of pro staffing, as in addition to working local and statewide events, he often travels to major national shows such as SHOT, SCI, NRA, and the Eastern Sports Show. He often has 2-3 times the number of events worked compared to others in the region.
We know that no matter where he goes, Ace is a positive example for the Mossy Oak brand.
Ace is also well connected in the industry, has a pleasant demeanor, and is always looking for additional ways to help out. When I need something, I know he is someone I can count on. Whenever Ace finds new information that may benefit us, he summarizes it and forwards it to us post haste. He is always looking for opportunities to help promote the brand, and is one of the few staffers to have the ear of upper management.

In addition, we have received nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback from the field when Ace has worked or participated in an event. The most common being, “In addition to being a great representative of your brand, Ace helped us with (better sales methods, enhanced marketing, moving displays, etc.).” Ace is always looking to help and improve our customers in any way he can, and rarely says no to a request for help.
Last Year, Remington Firearms ran a contest for our pro staff in which the grand prize was (5) brand new Remington Firearms. Ace called me up the day the announcement was made and said, “Dan, please do me a favor and call Remington to give them my address so they can deliver my guns.” Now, with a lot of people, that type of statement would be easily dismissed, but I knew better.
At the midway point, there was another pro staff member ahead of him, and I received another phone call. “Dan, don’t worry. I’ll still win it.” With that, he doubled his total (and that of the nearest competitor). Ace was ranked #1 out of over 1000 Mossy Oak Pro Staff Members. That is quite an honor and business as usual for Ace.

This year, we ran a video contest for the prostaff and Ace was one of the winners of that as well.
Ace has had a tremendously successful career in sales and marketing, and it shows through in all that he does. In my opinion, you would be lucky to be able to add Ace to your team!”

Dan Gritzner, Mossy Oak Regional Manger




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