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Many dream their entire lives of that ONE special trip or destination.

That ONE animal they’ve always wanted to hunt…

That ONE place they’ve always wanted to go…

That ONE thing that they have always wanted to do…


At World Game Hunts, our business is making that happen… Over and over again.



We work only with pre-screened outfitters in areas across the globe. A "One Stop Shop" for everything that you need- from airfares and travel plans to lodging, from campfire skillet eggs to 5-Star Gourmet meals served on white linen, World Game Hunts' motto is, "It Can Be Arranged."

If you have always dreamed of that special hunting, fishing, or exploration trip of a lifetime, you NEED to contact Ace and World Game Hunts TODAY!



Our Concessions in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia offer some of the best experiences with exceptional Trophy quality. 


African Big 5: - Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino


Plains Game: 

  • Spiral Horned: Kudu, Bushbuck, Eland, Nyala 
  •  Blue Wildebeest & Black Wildebeest
  • Gemsbok
  • Zebra
  • Giraffe
  • Blesbok
  • Springbok
  • Steinbok and Duiker

Bird Hunting



North and South America

Complete source for North American Big Game and Bird Hunting


Elk - Deer - Bear - Moose - Caribou


High Volume Waterfowl in the Central, Mississippi, anf Mountain Flyways


Spring Snow Goose Hunts 


Midwest and Western Pheasant Hunting


Guided Fishing for Trout and Salmon, Bass, Muskies, Walleye and Northern. 



Australia & New Zealand

Red Stag - Chamois - Tahr - Sitka Deer - Rusa Deer - Fallow Deer 


Whitetailed Deer


Waterfowl Hunting


Salmon and Trout Fishing




Highlands Stag - Driven Pheasant - Trout and Salmon - Upland Hunting 


Wild Boar - Mouflon - Chamois 


and More...



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